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uild-muscle-8As people are getting obsessed with their hunt for quasi-immortality, thousands of dollars are being spent monthly on ridiculous diet schemes, gym memberships and/or equipments, proper training attires and an infinite number of workout videos in the market – an inevitable sign that the fitness industry is growing at such an impressing rate, making Personal Fitness Trainer to be one of the most sought-out jobs in the 21st Century.

By definition, a personal trainer is a professional who coaches or instructs an individual or a group of individuals on the fundamentals of physical fitness by demonstrating strong science-based techniques and methods with participation in exercise activities.

However, not all self-confessed sports and fitness enthusiasts can become a professional fitness trainer. There are several requirements that need to be satisfied in order to actually practice this highly lucrative career.

  • Do you have what it takes? An effective personal trainer needs more than a chiseled body and a great physique. He must exhibit patience, organization, ability to correctly assess a client’s capabilities, and good communication and motivational skills. It also helps if he has a basic understanding of human physiology and anatomy since the job is directly involved in honing human muscles through developing proper exercise programs.
  • Be certified. Sometimes, all a potential client needs to completely put their faith in you is a piece of paper that certifies your qualifications to work on their precious body. According to International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), most health clubs require hopeful personal trainers to get a certification prior to employment. There are accredited organizations nationwide that offer certifications through trainings, seminar and/or workshops. Be selective and inquisitive. Conduct a research in order to find out how much the certification costs  along with its pre-requisites. You can find certification information on Bolt Fitness by checking out the articles on their website.
  • Choose a specialization. Much like doctors trying to find out if they want to be surgeons or general practitioners, personal trainers have an option to choose a particular area that they want to be considered an expert in. And like specialized doctors, personal trainers who chose to excel in one area usually gets a better job offer and a higher pay.
  • Gain some experience. To learn the ropes in this business, one should apply for a job in health clubs, gyms, resorts or even spas to gain relevant experience. This is considered the best way to build your network of contacts and gather a list of potential clients.
  • Don’t stop educating and improving yourself. Of course it will be quite ironic if the personal trainer stopped pushing himself just because he had gotten his certification and that cushy job at the local gym. Attend personal summits and seminars to improve your skills and sharpen your talents. Clients will start asking for your services if they can see with their own eyes how motivated you are in polishing your craft.

If your ultimate goal is to eventually set up your own gym or an online fitness training, you must first educate yourself on the possible risks and weaknesses in setting up these businesses. Also research all the requirements needed in starting your own business such as registrations. Furthermore, you would need to invest in marketing yourself in order to reach all potential clients.

So if your heart is already set on becoming a personal fitness trainer, flex those muscles and start working!

Pros and Cons of the Fitness Lifestyle

If you want to start a career in the health and fitness world, becoming a personal trainer maybe be the one of the best options for you to think about. Becoming a personal trainer is easy. To become a one, all you need to have is a high school diploma, a certification (AED and CPR), and you also need to pass an exam. The examination requires hours of studying especially if you are new to the health and fitness industry. The time you will be spending in studying will pay off since becoming a personal trainer pays relatively well.

Becoming a personal trainer has a lot benefits. If you get a job at a well-established health and fitness club, you can expect a very good salary of 25-45 dollars per session. A session usually lasts an hour. With this comes flexibility in schedule. The time and schedule of most personal trainers are flexible depending on the club you are employed in. You can determine the hours and days you are willing to commit for the job. Lastly, a significant benefit of becoming a personal trainer is the impact you have to other people’s lives. As a trainer, you are not just a teacher. Rather, you are working as a motivator, a coach, and a friend. The fulfillment you get to see them improve day by day is priceless. They hired you because they trust you. You are there to help them to increase their strength, improve their physique, or whatever their reasons are.

As good as it may sound, to choose this kind of career has its own downside. The hard part is to find the people to train in a week. Being a trainer is basically like having a freelance job unless your employer gives you a fixed salary which rarely happens with most fitness clubs. At the beginning of your career you will have to get most of your customers by doing floor hours. This is when you walk around the gym marketing yourself, helping them, trying to possibly let them hire you for your training services. To become a successful personal trainer, you need to be charismatic. Most trainers start by paying a fee on gyms to find people to train. You make your profit by selling yourself to people who you can impress. Having the right strategy is the key to become a successful personal trainer.

Personal Training Today

More and more people today are aware of their health and of how they look, because of this becoming a personal trainer is now a lucrative option for those that want a career that involves staying in shape. However becoming a personal trainer is a lot more that just pumping iron – the right skills and the proper attitude is needed in becoming a successful one.

Being a personal trainer is not that easy. You may be healthy, know a lot about exercise programs, and work out every day but there is more to it than that. Here are the qualities that you should have with you if you want to be a personal trainer.

The first thing that you should have in becoming a personal trainer is motivation. Sure you are motivated to work out every day, but what actually needs motivation is your client. Motivating is almost half the job of a personal trainer as you need to have clients stick to their exercise plan, push them pass their limits, and encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Dedication is another key ingredient towards becoming a personal trainer. Dedication is what will allow a personal trainer to stay on the path of fitness, not just for themselves but more importantly for their clients. Dedication also comes into play when you are trying to help your client become healthier as getting fit can take a lot of time.

And though the next quality may not be that well-associated with personal trainers, sensitivity is actually very important. People have different health backgrounds, personalities, histories, and attitudes – being sensitive to your client’s preferences should be respected. Sensitivity will also help you adapt to a person’s “wave length” or personality, allowing you to become a better personal trainer for them.

Enthusiasm is also another quality that a good personal trainer should have. Getting fit is not easy for everyone and if you are to encourage your client into having a healthier lifestyle you are only going to succeed if you approach it with enthusiasm. It’s a fact that clients will listen more to their personal trainers if they emanate good vibes. Since enthusiasm can be contagious it can rub off on your client and give them that extra push they need on the path of becoming healthy.

And last but not the least is to be a good teacher. There is more to it than simply telling your clients what they should do or what they need to do. Without proper teaching skills or not being able to articulate what your client needs to do can have disastrous consequences as it involves their health.